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I can not recharge my Jackery battery, charger, power station



  • steve edwards

    Explorer 1000 purchased (2) two years ago, Address 1640 Wedgewood Dr. Eagle Point, OR 97524.  PH: 541-326-2533. This unit is no longer taking a charge,  window readings are as follows:  Input 8-12 W Output 0 W, Percentage 0%, No error code showing, blue light ON when plugged into AC after charging 12 plus hrs.  Held down display button 10-12 secs. still will not take a charge, all reading resumes. Use only during summer months running electric weed eater and/or tree trimmer during “No Burning Season”  no gas tools, for state of Oregon. Please call/text with solution to problem.  I paid a premium price for a Power Station that only lasted two years for the actual useage !? Please respond………………Steve Edwards or Nancy Edwards

  • Nuska

    But Jacari 1000 lost September found this summer it’s not charging display shows 10% hav plugged in for two days nothing happened. It’s not charging at all. What should I do?


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