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Does the Jackery portable power station support pass-through charge?


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  • Joe

    So, does this mean that it is not recommended that the length of time until the battery runs out of power should not be extended by leaving the solar panels attached while it is in use?

    That is, if we are drawing 1800W, can we extend the length of time the generator can provide power by having 1400W of solar coming in to charge at the same time? 

    The idea obviously being you could get roughly 5.4 hours of use with solar panels attached instead of 1.2 hours just running down the battery with no input.

    It appears the answer is "yes, but it will hurt your machine", which is obviously less than ideal.

    If the reduced life / damage is due to heat, could this be charged and used simultaneously in cold weather and/or in a cooler environment with minimal or almost no damage?



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